If you have or think you may have any one of the following symptoms, do not use this product until you have consulted a physician:

• History of excessive wax build-up
• Pain or discomfort in the ear
• Fluid or drainage from ear within the past 90 days
• Ear canal blockage, a lasting ear infection, or a plugged up fullness feeling
• Visible deformity of the ear
• Sudden, rapidly progressing, or fluctuating hearing loss within past 90 days
• Chronic difficulty hearing
• Ringing in only one ear
• Hearing loss only in one ear that has worsened in the past 90 days
• Spells of acute or chronic dizziness

Keep all parts of the RxEars system away from children and toddlers and those under 5 years old. These components contain small parts that may present a choking hazard.

This product is not intended for use by minors under the age of 18.