With proper care, RxEars should provide years of use. It is important to follow the precautions below.

• Store in a cool dry place when not in use.
• Clean the unit daily with a soft cotton cloth.
• Clean the tube and dome with black string per instruction weekly.
• Replace the dome after three months.
• Replace the tube &/or domes/tips after six months.
• Keep away from pets and small children

• Sleep while wearing RxEars.
• Get water on or in the unit (swimming, showering, exercising,…etc).
• Use liquids (or solvents) when cleaning RxEars including domes and tips.
• Expose RxEars to heat sources like toasters, ovens, or car dashboard.
• Apply hairspray, perfume or lotions while wearing RxEars.

If  you have questions about operating or installing your new RxEars product, or if you are missing parts please call RxEars first!

Call our Customer Service Department at: (407) 339-2422 ; 9:00am - 4:00pm, EST