Bluetooth App

Remote Controlled - iPhone or Android

We designed this product for you.  Finally you can control the way you want your hearing devices to sound.

Set them the way you want to hear the world, at home, at business, shopping, the movies, wherever you go.  Changing the settings to match your needs based on the surroundings is easy, and you can save those settings into your device for recall later - even if you don't have your cell phone around!

Behind The Ear Devices

No apps required - Manual Volume Control

We realize that not everyone wants to use a smartphone.  Finding the best settings sometimes just requires a basic volume control and a couple options to switch between.  We give you just that with these easy to use, and affordable devices.

In the Ear Canal Devices

No apps required - Very hidden devices

You may just be looking for a part time solution, and when wearing a device you want it to be hidden.  While behind the ear styles can be very concealing, sometime you can still see a very little tubing going into the ear, and if you don't have much hair, then you can see the device sitting on the ear.  In those case, you may want to try an in the ear device.  Depending on the size of your ear canal, this can be a perfectly hidden solution.  We still provide you with means to change the volume and the pre-programmed settings to help get the sound you want!